According to the aims of the student, piano lessons are arranged into the following three categories:

Piano Lessons for Conservatory Prep: The student is prepared in the best possible manner to enter the Conservatory Program, the goal being to ensure they are technically enough to play and hear.

Amateur Piano Work: Should you have no piano playing experience whatsoever, this category develops your personal talents in this field. Each student is coached in the direction of the genres of music that they seek to perform.

Professional Piano Work: Each and every client is provided with a customised program aimed at developing techniques to improve both accuracy and effectiveness.  The intent is to make the professional more consummate in their own abilities to analyse their own technical abilities and able to interpret more actively their own works.

All of our instructors have been fully-trained in areas related to their areas of expertise and graduated either from Conservatories or obtained a Masters in the Musical field. Lesson duration is 50 minutes, once a week, or twice based on the expressed requirement of the student. The program is divided into three modules: a fall Period between September and January; a spring Period between February and June; and summer which covers June-thru-August. During the fall and spring periods, 16 classes are offered, whereas according to the student contingent, the summer period is composed of 8 – 12 classes.

At the end of the year all students are provided the opportunity to obtain stage-experience with professional musicians in order for them to share their work with all that they would care to share it with.